Young Lions


Young Lions is like no other leadership conference or programme; it’s a unique training, development and assessment bootcamp! Positive peer pressure and the power of an unfamiliar environment will put delegates through their paces and into situations that will force them to draw on the skills and abilities that they have within. There comes a moment in every leaders life where they decide to live on purpose; taking responsibility rather than waiting to be told.

Young Lions is a 3-year programme aimed at emerging leaders aged 16-21 years old. Over the course of a weekend, each young lion will be tested, stretched, and taught. This is done in a setting that sees them put under pressure in unknown environments, physical challenges, group sessions, and in creative worship so that we can bring out the best in them.

A coach will input and shape each young lion and closely observe how they act and at the end of the weekend young people have a detailed report, written by their coach, sent back to their youth pastor so that their leadership journey can continue until the next year of their young lions journey.

Anyone can be shaped by something, Young Lions SHAPE THEMSELVES.